As working from home increasingly becomes the new norm, one can’t help but wonder what the ideal ‘work from home’ location would look like. We reimagined the home office, turning it into your very own backyard cabin.

The building system is based on the traditional Scandinavian building method found in log-houses. We re-use its philosophy of wooden logs folded together to create a rigid construction, but replace the logs with CNC cut plywood.

This reduces the weight of the elements, making sure they can be lifted by two people without needing any machine to assemble. You don’t need an engineering degree or building knowledge to set it up, it’s as easy as building any IKEA furniture. The elements are only folded together through a set of smart holes using no screws or glue to connect.

The cabin’s building blocks are available in different sizes, in order to adapt to each country’s construction regulations.

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