The time of ‘adult daycare’ is over: buying or leasing an office, designing various function rooms, filling it with people, telling them to be there every day from 9-5PM and hoping they carry out the work. It’s an office design problematic but also a cultural one. It’s a notion and a concept of work that dates back to the industrial revolution. With work becoming less schedule-oriented, change is imminent.

We envision a world where the output of one’s work is key and where according to the job to be done you decide in which setting to carry it out. Companies have the obligation to stimulate increased productivity and creativity by revamping their corporate HQ and adapting easily to the types of work.

Tatami offers a plug & play philosophy. On a macro level, different modules can be combined together, forming specific patterns of use, ranging from more isolated, individual workspaces to larger rooms, from library-like atmospheres to inspiring creative spaces. Each element is customisable on a micro level, where light intensity and climate can be fine-tuned to everyones’s liking.

The modular approach allows for continuous changes over time, the space evolving alongside its users, giving corporate HQs a new function. A design approach to optimize productivity/ft2.

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Here I Am

Episode I

A new ecology of work

There I Go

Episode II

A new ecology of work