Meeting, brainstorm, Skype call, new meeting, what was that first meeting about again, call, another meeting, mails on the fly…finally it’s the end of the day… and at last you have some time to do your actual job.

Multiple studies have been indicating year in year out that the workload for employees has increased and that people are struggling to balance work and personal life. This leads to stress, mental issues and has a negative impact on the quality of their work. With employees being the most valuable asset inside a company, it’s time to invest in their mental health.

They need time to disconnect, to unwind and to get out of their fixed routine. Because it’s blocking creativity and impeding growth.

We create distraction-free time within unique architectures, developed for people to invest in their mental capital and perform at their peak. Every unique location is based on the principles of ancient monasteries, combined with the latest studies about focus and mental-wellbeing. Composed around different functions and rituals, each visitor tailors his or her own schedule to generate the maximum output.

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Here I Am

Episode I

A new ecology of work

There I Go

Episode II

A new ecology of work